Sustainability in everything we do

IKEA Industry wants to have a positive impact on people and the planet

Through our ambitious Sustainability Plan we set and follow up on specific goals year by year, both in the way we source our material and produce our products.To make our business more and more sustainable we work with: reducing our energy consumption and our carbon footprint, recycled and bio-based materials, smarter products using less raw materials, reusing and recycling water, reworking waste and much more.

Wood from More Sustainable Sources
Wood is the main raw material in the products we make. All wood used in our products must be sourced from suppliers that meet our Forestry Standards and the goal is to have 100% of our wood from More Sustainable Sources (MSS), meaning FSC certified or recycled wood.

Safety first
Our co-workers’ safety is our top priority and we continuously improve and develop the safety of our workplaces. In addition to securing the physical conditions, we also invest a lot in our safety culture and encourage safe behaviour. Co-workers in production are very involved in implementing and running the safety programs.

Evolving our Energy use
We continuously strive towards energy independence by converting to biofuels, purchasing more renewable electricity, or running energy efficiency projects. Our goal is to use 100% renewable energy for heating and electricity. Good examples on how to create our own, sustainable energy are our new biofuel-based energy plant and dryer in Novgorod, Russia and our 18,240 solar panels on the roof of our factories in Pacos de Ferreira, Portugal.

Water positive
We want to be water positive, which means to use water in a responsible way and support a healthy local water cycle. All sites in IKEA Industry have water management plans, including actions for harvesting, reusing, and recycling water. Several sites collect roof and drainage water in ponds to be used for different purposes in production, in recreation areas, or as fire water supplies.

Community involvement
We want to be a good neighbour and contribute to the development of the communities where we operate. That is why every IKEA Industry plant is required to choose new social or environmental projects to support their local communities every year. Examples of contributions are; building playgrounds, planting trees or donating furniture to a children’s hospital.

Rethinking and reworking waste
Waste is an outdated concept. We are starting to view existing products as “banks of materials” to be easily reused, repaired, and recycled for a second life. Already in 2017 we had a material recycling degree of 82% for IKEA Industry as a whole and 12% went for energy recovery. For the remaining 6%, we are looking for solutions!

Audits and reviews
We regularly review and audit our operations to ensure that we operate our business according to our internal rules and policies.